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Hello. I am Elizabeth Sharon Morris, author of the book, Dying in Indian Country, WestBow, 2012 – http://dyinginindiancountry.com/

I was raised in the Twin Cities, lived on two reservations, a Bible College campus, and in three small towns. I married a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe and have six children as well as a B.A. in Christian Ministries and Diploma of Bible & Missions. On occasion, I have dabbled as a Registered Nurse.

What cannot be denied is that a large number of Native Americans are dying from alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, and violence. The reservation system pushes people to depend on tribal & federal government rather than themselves and God, and teaches children to blame all life’s ills on others.

At the very minimum, what is happening on the reservations is contrary to the concept of free enterprise and personal accountability. While this hurts us all as taxpayers – it hurts tribal members much, much more – most importantly in respect to physical health emotional well-being.

While leaders might argue this and throw around well-worn rhetoric and blame, the fact of the matter is that 75% of tribal members have moved away from the reservations – many due to the high incidence of alcoholism, drug abuse and violence within Indian Country.

Having watched too many relative’s die tragically, we’re tired of seeing our family members used as pawns by those that care only about their own power and pocket book.

We have children to raise, and we don’t want them used as pawns anymore, either. Children are not here on this earth so some bureaucrat in DC can keep his BIA job or some tribal chairman can have a 6-figure income.

They are here because God created them – for HIS purpose.

The question is, why does our federal government continue to pretend current federal Indian policy is good for anyone? It is time to quit pretending and start truthfully caring about people – caring enough to stop the sham and actually help people get away from failed welfare policies, and encourage families to be independent and goal oriented.

Our family hopes that by telling the true story of what has happened to our extended family over the last thirty years, we can explain why these policies are destroying people more than they are helping them.

These are some of the many questions and answers this blog will explore.

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